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Home News APEnet at The Europeana Plenary Conference

APEnet at The Europeana Plenary Conference

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The Europeana Plenary Conference, Creation, Collaboration & Copyright, will be held 14-15 September 2009 in The Hague - The Netherlands.

  • Master Classes will look at access to digitised archives, technical issues, rights and standards. The Master Class on access to digitised archives will be held by Angelika Menne-Haritz.
  • The keynote speaker, Charles Leadbeater, 'one of the most influential thinkers of the decade', is the author of We-Think, and a strong advocate of creative collaboration. 
  • Case studies will feature initiatives that encourage users to create archives and remix documentary content.
  • Preview of Europeana's licensing framework and examine Creative Commons licensing.
  • Read full programme: http://group.europeana.eu/web/guest/plenary/

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